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Contact the Booking Agent to Hire a Celebrity . In order to get one to come to your event, or offer their photo or endorsement, you will usually have to negotiate all terms with their agent or speakers bureau.

You will only be considered a stalker if you pursue them on your own .4) Switching Gears.rs.

..The best way to get a photo with a Celebrity is to attend an event where they will be speaking or in attendance . That way the photo is usually at no charge and you get to meet a celebrity.

5) Another good way is to be creative. You can have fun with photo shop and create a photo of you and your favorite celebrity as long as you cover yourself legally . Don’t act like it is “real” make sure you poke fun at it so people will understand that you are doing Outrageous Marketing.

6) Go to their Movies or Restaurants. Take a photo next to their painting if they have one hanging in their restaurant. Scott Tucker did this some time ago with Mike Ditka and it was pure marketing genius. He connected himself to a celebrity just by taking a photo of himself standing next to a Mike Ditka painting. You can do the same thing in front of a movie poster. Not only does this connect you with the celebrity, but it can potentially sky rocket your SEO.7) Celebrities come in all Shapes and Sizes. We often think of “Celebrities” as movie stars and they are. But there are also news anchors, athletes, local actors and actresses that host commercials, authors, “5 Minutes of Fame” celebrities like contestants on reality TV and people in the news. You can use all of these types of celebrities as long as you have their permission, or you are referring to them in your marketing, and of course, if you have hired them and are following your terms of agreement, and finally, they make sense to your customer.8) Use it! Now that you have it, how are you going to use it Remember that so many people out there love celebrities. We have an almost unnatural attraction and fascination. So, use that to your advantage and figure out how this celebrity connection can help to promote you and your business.So the next time you set out to do some marketing, stop and decide which celebrities could help to support your business.

Colourful And Stylish Home Decors

Do you have passion in decorating your home? How often do you change the decorations in your home? What type of home decors do you usually use? In decorating you home, its better to use colourful decors so it would be very attractive to the eye. But dont use so many colours up to the extent that it would look distracting instead of attractive. There are a lot of colourful and stylish home decors that you can buy at home stores. You could also buy them online. But before you buy them, here are some of the things that you need to consider.

Theme: This is the first thing that you need to know for yourself before you buy. You could either choose from Western theme, Thailand, Egypt, and so on. Most of these home decors are very colourful. You could check the internet if you want to view other theme or inspired decors that you could follow or get ideas to. This may take you time since not all stores have the theme that you want. Thats why you need to choose the right stores that have the colourful home decors that you need.

Materials: This is also another important factor to consider. You could choose the right material that would fit the theme that you want to portray in your home. You could choose from crystals, woods, metals, and ceramics. Woods are commonly use in antique theme. The downfall about crystals, its breakable. You need to be extra careful when you roam around your house to prevent breaking them. Ceramics is similar with crystals, its also breakable. Unlike wood and metal, they could last for long time and nothing to worry about breaking them unless applied with force.

Budget: Above all, you need to consider your expenses since buying the colourful decors that you need may cost you a lot of money. These decors are not cheap even if there are decors for sale but you could only get them during holidays where most marketers offer discounts. But if on regular season, you cannot avail any discounts.

Internship Programs From Internships In Art And Entertainment To Publishing And Media Internships

With the rise of the Internet and other new communications technologies, the field of entertainment is increasingly difficult to define. In this profile, we’re talking about film, television, and music, as well as sportseach a form of entertainment raking in millions of dollars. The first three of these businesses are dominated by enormous, vertically integrated companies such as Sony, Time Warner, and Walt Disney, which have interests in multiple segments of the industry. But there are also thousands of jobs in the entertainment industry at smaller, less corporate companiesfilm and television production or distribution companies, for instance, and small independent record companies, talent agencies, and management companies. There are a number of job opportunities waiting for you in entertainment field and we can provide the initial & the final steps for you to grab them by offering you internship programs and job opportunities like, internships in the film industry, film internships in new york, internships in art and entertainment & more at .

In arts & entertainment, the profits come from discretionary spending, so these industries enjoy the most success in economically stable countries where leisure dollars flow freely. Industry companies supply their audiences with large-scale sporting events, music concerts, TV situation comedies, and silver-screen masterpieces. Simply put, they’re in the business of fun.

Even during economically depressed periods, this industry flourishes as an escape from hard timesfor all walks of life. And standing at the pinnacle of entertainment culture are the celebrities: the movie stars and quarterbacks and rock stars and talk-show hostesses who seem to realize our dreams and thereby give us hope. This is the only industry whose product is an illusionneither a good nor a service, and yet both at the same time. Even with more people turning away from publishing and turning to television and radio, in some ways the publishing and journalism landscape is strangely unchanged. A free press remains the backbone of our government. Books, newspapers, and periodicals continue to entertain, educate, and bring us the news we need to be informed citizens. They are an outlet for critical thinkinginformed and otherwise.So keeping this in mind, we not just offer internships in art and entertainment, but also offer you publishing and media internships, fall media and publishing internships, paid summer media internships, paid summer publishing internships at .

Jessica Simpson Pumps – Be Stylish, Trendy And Sexy

It was no surprise when the pop icon Jessica Simpson released her own shoe collection. A stylish lady as herself would know what women want. One of the most popular shoes from her collection are pumps. It has become one of the most popular due to the elegance and style that accompany this footwear.

These shoes are generally leather high heeled with a man-made lining and sole. They are available in different styles and color. The designs of these shoes are amazing with a clean business look. Jessica Simpson pumps are definitely irresistible to women all over. A perfect representation of stylish and sexy pumps fit for any occasion.

The Pumps: Jessica Simpson pumps looks absolutely amazing on womens feet and are extremely stylish. They are not only stylish but indeed quite comfortable. The design has a clean business like look, generally in a rich color with a slight sheen to it. They are made with high quality material that will last forever. Treat your feet with some elegance and exotic flair today.

Style: People cannot deny that the Jessica Simpson pumps are one of the most fashionable shoes around for women. These shoes put the word style in pumps. With the wide range of styles and colors, they can be worn with almost anything. It will add spice to your feet and elegance and flair to your outfit.

Cost: If you are searching for some really nice shoes, then consider Pumps made by Jessica Simpson. These are absolutely stunning shoes and you will not regret your purchase. These shoes not only looking good, but they have a unique style that allows it to stand out from everything else out. They are also not very expensive, which is an added bonus. The general cost for a pair is usually less than $80.

The Rise In The Student Housing Investment Uk Offers

UK is known for providing the students with a great quality education. This is the reason that more and more students come to the region in order to educate themselves. In the recent years, the number of students has increased many folds. The number is supposed to get higher than this and will allow the investors in the area to have right kind of opportunities. The students do not find adequate staying options or housing facilities now days when they come to join a program. It is because the universities do not have enough space for the students. The students then look for the other housing facilities and let the investors to invest in the Student Housing Investment UK.

There are many cities in the UK that face lack of purpose fully built student accommodations. This means that the students are unable to find the places that are built for the student purpose. Instead, they have to settle for houses or even flats in more prices. The Student Housing Investment UK can be made in the sector by building the purposefully built buildings for the students. These can include the student rooms, student halls, studio apartments and suites for students as well. The rental yields are expected to increase many folds in coming years as well. The yields have increased considerable well in the past and they are supposed to get higher than this as well. The yields went from 5.5 to 8.5 percent in the last year and are expected to increase further.

The Student Housing Investment UK is clearly a thing to consider for sure by taking view that there are 300,000 full time students and 110,000 part time students residing in the cities of UK. This great percentage of students cannot find the place to live of his or her own choice. However, the investors interested to invest in the region can fulfill this demand. The private sector makes up to 75 percent of the student residential place, the student living in the private sector can go far better places of more peaceful and better living conditions that are present for them.

Although it looks as if it is very difficult for the students to afford certain types of rental places but the increase in the number of students every year certainly tells us a different kind of story. This means that the students can have purpose fully built accommodation for them if the investors invest in the region too. The locations that are in greater demands if the student accommodation are the one of the most famous ones as well. the cities of Bath, Brighton, Bristol, Cambridge, Edinburgh, Cardiff, London, Oxford, St Andrews and some other are in the most need of student accommodation places to be built. However the cities with greater number of student housing also need the places to be built.

Download Celebrities Mobile Videos Adds Entertainment To The Life Of People

People always admire the celebrities and famous persons and get highly influenced by their daily lifestyle and behavior. Bollywood stars, Hollywood stars, sports icons, music icons, government officials and politicians are some of the celebrities which are always appreciated by the masses.

Many people are so fond of celebrities that they try to get video clips so that they can closely admire the celebrities. are short and crisp for some minutes. These video clips mostly show special moments of the celebrities with the latest happenings which takes place with high profile people. Video clips are an effective way for budding video developers to get a name for themselves in the arena of business.

Latest celebrities mobile videos are generally made so that their fans and admirer can have a closer look into the lifestyle of celebrities. Generally, celebrity video clips are based on interviews, latest gossips and many more that are shown on popular television shows and news programs. The video clips shows some comments made by celebrities on some of the questions asked in some interview by the host. Some celebrity mobile videos are based on the way the celebrities live up their lives and principles they follow. The video clips also depict the social image of these people and also have scenes from famous movies that show their acting skills and award winning performances. Celebrity video clips of sports icons shows some of the feats on the ground which makes them popular and become the role models for the youngsters. Some of them are based on quality speeches made by admired politicians on various topics which influences people a lot.

Celebrity video clips are viewed by all genres which really allures them. These video clips are also available on the Internet for downloading. There are numerous websites which allow free downloading while some are there which require payment. The format of these files are supported by the common video players such as Real Video Player, Windows Media Player and QuickTime support almost all formats.

These days most of the products are being endorsed by celebrities so that the product of the company become popular. Product endorsements by celebrities has become popular. The reason for stars being endorsing the product is simple as consumers pays more attention to stars because they get attracted towards them and using a celebrity adds awareness and star power to the company. The product gets fame among the people.

So people keep enjoying with the clippings of your favorite celebrity.

Student Housing Investment In Uk

Property business has been one of the most successful ventures of all times, especially in the United Kingdom. The purchase and sale of properties might involve some hitches at times but the profits it yields are worth it. UK’s property market is still on its boom and it is a golden opportunity for the investors to swell up their wealth in the shortest span of time.

Housing investment belongs to a safe and well-secured class of assets, having a great demand throughout the United Kingdom. Investors have been making exceptional profits in this particular sector for years and it has developed into an ever-thriving industry. Real estate businesses in UK have rarely suffered a slump in decades and that is the reason it is considered to be the safest business opportunity for smaller investors.

Residential and commercial property investment might yield greater benefits in most cases but there might come certain complexities in these cases which can be troublesome for you. For easier and risk-free investments in real estate business, student housing investment becomes the most viable option for a new investor in this industry.

Analysing the prospects of investment s in student property, one can easily deduce that this particular sector has been the most popular one as an investment throughout UK. It was reported by The Times that student accommodation is the top asset class in the UK’s property market in 2012. This testifies the demand of student housing and the future prospects of the investments made in this sector. The boost of this market is still on it optimum effect and it has literally outperformed all the other conventional asset classes in UK.

It has been further concluded that properties associated to student accommodation yield better rate of return than any other assets. Recent surveys in UK have found that residential buy to let properties in UK yield 5.3% return at average, whereas the student housing investment can easily pay back 7%, surpassing the former class significantly.

The secret of such popularity of student accommodation property is the consistent occupancy rates of 99% or even higher, along with structural under-supply. Student housing investment UK flourishes more in the regions closer to universities, which host thousands of local and foreign students every year. If you have some property relatively closer to top universities of UK, it is nothing less than gold in your hand.

Debt Consolidation Means A Lifestyle Change

When it comes to personal debt, financial experts from around the world agree on one thing: it is a symptom of a much bigger problem with the individual. Debt can build up slowly over the years until it reaches a point where you are paying off so much debt that your personal income doesnt cover what you have to pay each month and worse, you might have to start taking on more debt to fill the gap between income and expenditure.

Its very easy to get in to debt, with the consumer society we live in we have been led to believe that we can have it all right now and pay for it in manageable bitesize chunks each month. The financial crisis and ongoing recession has proved that the buy now, pay later culture fostered by the credit and retail companies was an unsustainable dream and now many people have great TVs, awesome cars, went on fantastic holidays but have huge debt mountains that have to be dealt with.

Debt consolidation is a great tool for many families to pull themselves out of the miserable debt cycle. The lower rate of interest gives breathing space each month so you can use your income for essential living costs rather than paying off interest on the couches you bought a few years back, it will reduce your stress levels as you wont get new bills every day and you can make that one easy payment each month right after you get paid.

Once youve consolidated your debt though you need to rethink your lifestyle and attitude towards credit. If you havent already, now might be the right time to cut up those credit cards particularly the store cards that have crazy interest rates. A new attitude needs to be adopted of waiting to have the money to buy something rather than having everything now and repaying it later. The consumerist lifestyle also needs to be rethought; do you really need to take a foreign holiday each year? Can the gas guzzling SUV be traded in for something more economical? Is there a cheaper place to buy groceries and apparels?

The danger with debt consolidation is that you dont change your lifestyle and manage your income and expenditure to ensure you dont spend more than you have each month. Debt consolidation is your second chance to get your finances in order there isnt a third chance because if you fail to change your ways after consolidating your debt and continue buying gadgets and going out to restaurants and then paying for it all on credit then you risk losing your home, family and lifestyle.

Its a pretty scary thought so once youve consolidated your debt, change your ways, change your attitudes to money and think of the relief youll have in 5 years when you are finally debt free.

Christian Clothing A Lifestyle of Evangelism

It is the dream of every strong Christian to share the message of the gospel to other people and to live a lifestyle of evangelism. The problem facing many Christians is how to proclaim the dawning of the kingdom of God in their everyday existence. However, there are different ways through which the message of the Christian faith can be passed to other people such as oral proclamation, living a good Christian life, wearing Christian clothing and others. But among all the means of proclaiming the kingdom of God none is as simple as the wearing of Christian clothing. For people who are shy in discussing the massage of the gospel with other people Christian clothing remains the easiest way through which they can preach the gospel.

We all know how effective advertising through billboard can be. As many as the number of people that passes through the area where the billboard is mounted are, so are the number of people that will see such advert. The same thing happens when Christians are wearing Christian clothing in their daily lives. When you are wearing Christian clothing, you are turning yourself into a mobile billboard. Anywhere you go people who have not known about Christ will come to know about him and his message through you.

Christian clothing is a veritable means of living lifestyle evangelism. With it you can reach to as many people as possible. You may not realize that just by wearing Christian clothing you have preached the gospel to thousands of people just in a day. This may seem to be incredible but it is true. Do you know the number of people that you meet on daily basis or the number of people that passes you every day? If you are in the market place while on Christian clothing for instance or in the university, it will be difficult to determine the number of people that you meet in such places.

Christian clothing can also pave way for a friendly discussion with other people, thus giving you an opportunity to witness to the gospel. Sometimes, your colleagues in the office or even the clients you transact may be fascinated by what is written on your Christian clothing and they may decide to discuss it with you. This will give you an opportunity to explain to them the message of the gospel. You may be surprised to gain one or two people to Christ through such discussion. Some may even ask you to provide them with Christian clothing.

Legacy Movement is a and Christian t-shirts company that allows believers to share their faith in Jesus, and be fashionable. Please visit their site at

Organize Your Lifestyle With Special Home At Oxford Square Greater Noida

is a 12 acre venture, which will involve 2, 3 and 4 BHK G+2 Individual and duplex areas. The position of the designs will range from 1086 sq. ft. to 2713 sq. ft. These designs are magnificently designed to provide beauty and comfort among amazingly designed atmosphere. Oxford Square Noida are residence type completely air-conditioned separate areas with duplex designs with individual sprinkle share and terrace lawn, wood work, unique lawn for first floor, separate parking for all areas. The venture will provide a crche, a drugs centre, and a well ready in-house team with features of a gym, diving discuss and kid’s position.

Extension has designed a unique place for it in Greater Noida Wests housing market because of its price which matches the project more than cost-effective for common people. This project will provide top quality services such as completely loaded duplex which come with a terrace lawn and a spread discuss. This is a place which is not just a great place for your close family associates but also an outstanding choice for financial commitment too. Oxford Square Greater Noida is thus a premium abode of quality construction.

has lately released a personal venture that provides outstanding free residing encounter in one of the long run places of NCR. The name of the venture is Oxford Square. With an aim to provide separate residing encounter and complete comfort, Supertech has released this venture as a mix of open areas, group residing and advantages. If you love independence and comfort then probably this venture is one of those that you might like to discover. The personal venture provides magnificent 2 BHK, 3 BHK and 4 BHK flats with numerous features and features. The flats are enclosed by expansive plants on the outside and designed garden. Overall the venture has a hotel like feel and the separate and huge flats provide a residence type residing encounter.

is the best choice for those who find it rather challenging to reside in crowded areas with document slim surfaces. These flats are a great choice for everyone who wants to take it easy to the maximum. Make your own globe here, plan something new, observe your kids develop, stay an untroubled lifestyle, all under one ceiling. With Supertech Oxford Square Greater Noida West the developer provides you a globe which you can personalize as per your desire and dream. So do not delay and spend your efforts and effort, act now and get the best cost on your best of residence place.