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A simple idea of guessing a part of a well-known picture or symbol has conquered the world. When first launched the Logo Quiz was not expected to gain such immense popularity or blow up the world. This addictive game is a perfect time killer as when you first enter the game and press the play button you will not be able to stop this Logo Quiz frenzy.

The game simply presents 15 levels stuffed with brands, logos and company names surrounding us in our everyday life. The logos are mixed. The game does not perform differentiation in themes as car brands, cosmetic brands, fashion and others. You are introduced into a logo fusion you need to guess each logo task and puzzle. The screen performs you a part of the symbol. It can be a part of the name (some brand names are reduced to a single letter, however you can easily guess the name considering the font, the color and other hints), a part of the image of the brand so you can guess what it stands for.

The challenge is enhanced with a time limit for every level and a need to type in the names of brands paying special attention to the spelling (if you type in the name of the brand with a spelling mistake, the answer will not be accepted). Each logo presented in the game has hints to simplify the task. You can star a logo or ask your Facebook or twitter community to help you in the Logos Quiz game.

Logo Quiz Answers

Another way to pass the levels and prove you are the best logo expert is to get the logo Quiz solution for each level. The Logo Quiz addicts eagerly share the correct answers with the game community. However Logo Quiz answers are stored on this site for your quick game mastering. You can choose another way of getting logo quiz game answers trying to find each puzzle answer on the Internet. But this way is ineffective and time consuming. Logo quiz game answers are checked for correctness so you can use these hints for the game.

The Logos Quiz performs perfect integration with social networks. You can check your results, chare the results and game achievements with other players and compete with your friends in the game.

Logo Quiz is perfectly designed. The game does not display any color frenzy on the screen of your iDevice. The grayish background is ideal for your eyes to kill some hours trying to prove your qualification in logo and brand domains.

The Logos Quiz is developed for iPhones, iPods Touch and iPads requiring iOS4 or later. The devices are perfectly run with the game. The Logo Quiz game addicts report minor crashes of the game during playing. Besides, each update of the Logos Quiz game improves the games performance, fights the bugs and adds new logos to inspire the challenge of players.

The game is partially commercialized. You can download a free version and use that quantity of hints and stars you are provided in the game. Besides, a free version is stuffed with advertisements which can draw your attention from the quiz and make you run out of the level time. Using your skills and memory you can pass level after level. However upgrading to the PRO version you will get many benefits. This version is free of ads and provides more hints and stars.

Some brand puzzles are so complicated and strange that you may run out of all the tries and hints and still with zero result. You can buy additional hints and stars to continue the Logos Quiz frenzy or start the game again.

Starting the Logo Quiz you should remember that the game is addictive and challenging. Many player take the challenge thinking of the game as of simple puzzle, however it is not as easy as it may seem. The brands in the game are presented from all over the world. Many of them are familiar to you, however there are some companies you have never heard of.

There is no other way to try your knowledge of brand world and try your memory and logic then to try the Logo Quiz yourself!

Welcome to site where you can find all answers for all level of great game – Logo Quiz. :P

logo quiz answers, cheat, solution

logo quiz answers

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We’ve updated our blog with new levels – 10, 11 and 12!!!

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logos quiz answers

logos quiz answers