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Icomania Answers

There is the opinion that all the games for mobile phones, smartphones and other gadgets exist just to waste people’s time. Of course there are a lot of games where it is not necessary to think and you just have to press the buttons without any intellectual load.

However there are other games which are more useful. They will let you not only have a good time but also they will let you have a fun at the same time. Of course we are talking about the logical games.

There is not any logical game which doesn’t demand the hard mind load. The players have to solve the difficult tasks every time, be attentive and search something which can help him to pass the level and finish the game. Moreover sometimes the time is limited so you get not only the fun but also the adrenaline because you try to complete the task in time. And this is another method to develop the memory, logic and fast reaction. So if you like to have a rest and get the useful result of it, the logical games are the ideal variant for you.

In this article you will be introduced to the new interesting logical game “Icomania”. This game demands you to guess the word which can be the combination of two pictures. Some people think that it is easy, but then they spend a lot of time just to pass the first level. So, we think that it will be interesting for all the people who are fond of the logical games. This game is very attractive. It allures all the players by its simple but stylish interface and the effect design. There are a lot of logical games which are similar to this one, but the Icomania game has some features which can mark out this game from others. Firstly, this game has the amazing number of the various logos and pictures. And secondly, this number is still growing. You just have to update the game through the Internet to get the new levels and new pictures. Everybody thinks that this game is exciting: “Somebody can tell that this is another ordinary logical game, but he is wrong. It means that he have never played this game. Just try to play and you will understand!”

If you can’t guess something, you can use our right Icomania answers to the Icomania game at this site.


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